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RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. deals with a variety of laboratory instruments that are perfect for dispensing small amounts of liquids, chemicals, or acids. Among all the instruments, we are well versed in designing Bottle Top Dispenser of excellent quality. With years of experience in this business, we have become one of the top Bottle Top Dispenser Manufacturers in PAN India. We have been working in this domain since 1998 and are continuously trying to improve our products to meet present-day laboratory requirements.

Laboratory Instruments require great precision, great expertise, and proper handling during their design & construction. That is why at RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we have hired the best industry experts to help us design and produce optimum-quality Bottle Top Dispenser for such critical uses. At present, we are well-equipped with all the advanced technologies and are continuously improving our methods of manufacturing to deliver our clients with supreme-quality pipettes or dispensers. To support several applications that require Bottle Top Dispenser, we are fabricating two different types of dispensers. We have a premium bottle top dispenser and a regular bottle top dispenser. Being one of the leading Bottle Top Dispenser Manufacturers in India, we are supplying both of these dispensers at cost-effective prices.

Vertex Bottle Top Dispenser Fully Autoclavable Regular Model

VERTEX Bottle top dispenser is another genius of its strong R&D base. Responding to the needs of the present generation, RV Instruments is proud to offer its NEW BOTTLE TOP DISPENSERS in two indigenous
versions. Regular & Premium which is an unique combination of affordable pricing and high performance.

Regular Model : Wetted parts are PP, Borosilicate Glass and FEP. Suitable for routine laboratory application.

Premium Model : All wetted parts are PTFE, FEP and Borosilicate Glass only. This can be used for all
laboratory reagents except HF.

Simple design clubbed with variety of useful features makes VERTEX Bottle Top Dispensers an obvious
choice for all dispensing needs.

The regular Bottle Top Dispenser Manufactured by us is made of borosilicate glass, polypropylene, and FEP. Whereas the premium Bottle Top Dispenser is made of FEP, PTFE, and borosilicate glass. They both come in simple designs; however, their features differ from each other, which makes them different from each other. According to the requirement, one can check with our experts and choose the bottle-top dispensers that are more suitable for them. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture Autoclavable Bottle Top Dispensers. Both of these dispensers provide bubble-free dispensing, which helps them perform efficiently. They are highly suitable for controlled dispensing and are suitable for use in scientific work and research work other than laboratories. Being one of the eminent Bottle Top Dispenser Manufacturers in India, we also deliver them in bulk quantity.

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