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Pen Micropipette

Fully Auto-clavable 8 & 12 Multichannel is the most advanced, high performing laboratory pipette with excellent features.

  • Fully Autoclavable micropipette.
  •  Individually polished stainless steel piston ensure Accuracy.
  • Light weight and ergonomic design for user comfort.
  •  Quick click volume setting, separate tip ejector and clear digital read out.
  •  The manifold rotate 360°. for comfortable pipetting in any direction.
  • Precision designed tip cones provide leak proof top fitting
  •  Easy operation and handling.

RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been in the manufacturing of pipettes for years and has become one of the renowned Pen Micropipette Manufacturers in India. We understand that all these varieties of pipettes are used in laboratory or scientific applications. It is one of the reasons why pen micropipettes are designed carefully and precisely at our manufacturing center to give optimum performance. We have been in the business of pipette manufacturing for more than two decades and are successfully running it using our best expertise.

We are a well-approved and well-certified organization with approvals from many renowned organizations. Currently, we supply pen micropipettes for a wide number of applications, including biological research work, diagnostic testing, microinjection, analysis of drugs, forensics, enzymes, and several other applications. Other than that, our pen micropipettes are also used in several industries for quality control, especially in the food & beverage industry, chemical industry, and cosmetics industry. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we do thorough research to evaluate what kind of pen micropipettes are required for which applications. It helps us produce excellent-quality pipettes for multiple uses and according to the requirements of our clients. The size of these pen micropipettes varies due to their use in different applications. With the help of our experts, one can understand and buy the right micropipette for their use.

Being one of the leading Pen Micropipette Manufacturers in India, we produce them in bulk quantity. The pen micropipette produced by us is fully autoclavable and highly advanced. They come with features like a digital display, which helps in dispensing liquids in controlled volumes or as per requirements. All the pen micropipettes supplied by us can rotate 360 degrees without any difficulty. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we can produce pipettes that are easy to handle during any laboratory tasks and are highly suitable for different laboratory or industrial operations. We promise to deliver them at cost-friendly prices and within the required timeframe.

Technical Specification:

Volume CapacityAccuracy % ( ± % )Precision ( CV ≤ % )
2.5 μl2.41.0
3 μl2.41.0
5 μl1.51.0
10 μl0.91.0
15 μl0.91.0
20 μl0.60.5
25 μl0.60.5
30 μ .0.60.5
35 μl0.60.5
40 μl0.60.5
50 μl0.60.3
70 μl0.50.5
75 µl0.50.5
100 μl0.50.3
150 μl0.50.5
200 μl0.50.5
250 μl0.50.5
500 μl0.50.5
1000 μ .0.80.5

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