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We at RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is considered one of the most highly reputed multi channel pipette manufacturers in India. Being multi-channel pipettes, they are used in different applications and are highly suitable for handling different volumes of liquids. We understand that several applications require pipettes that can handle liquid samples of different formats and sizes. Considering that, we are formulating a multi channel pipette that offers the best performance for all such requirements.

Being in the industry of pipette manufacturing since 1998, we are aware of their use. Our skilled professionals are continuously improving the designs and working principles of these pipettes to support laboratories and industries. Be it about the precision in dispensing liquid or the selection of channels according to the liquid samples, we design them in a way that all these tasks can be handled with ease. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture pipettes that are well-calibrated for better operations. Unlike other pipettes, our multi channel pipettes are suitable for the quick dispensing of liquids, especially during the handling of multiple samples at a time. It helps in speeding up the overall task.

Vertex Premium Fully Autoclavable & UV Resistant Micropipette With 4 Digit Display

  • Vertex Premium Micropipette has comfort, Elastomeric seals that deliver smoothness control in handling devices.
  • Large & clear 4 digital display giving smaller increments for wider volume selection
  • Resistance free counter
  • Soft feel handle grip
  •  Soft touch tip ejection
  • Vertex Premium manual single channel pipette is available in universal-tip models
  •  Total Hand Comfort Pipette with sure-fit handles, lighter springs, low-drag seals, perform all day without causing pain or discomfort.
  •  Individually polished stainless steel piston ensure Accuracy
  • Individually Calibrated as per ISO 8655 standards, calibration report is provided with
    each pipette. 
  • Two Year warranty

As one of the leading multi channel pipette manufacturers in India, we provide pipettes with digital displays. We have incorporated a 4-digit display into it that makes it easier to operate during the dispensing of large volumes of liquids. The controlled dispensing of our multi-channel pipettes is what makes them highly preferable among all. To avoid any kind of contamination, all the pipettes come with autoclavable features. It helps in sterilizing the pipette itself, which is highly required to avoid any contamination during pipetting. RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is known to produce multi-channel pipettes in bulk to support the high demand of laboratories and different industries.

The availability of ISO certification has helped us become one of the leading multi channel pipette manufacturers in India. It is one of the reasons why most clients prefer to buy pipettes from us, especially for research work. We adhere to all the guidelines when manufacturing these multi-channel pipettes. To make them easily available to all, we are supplying them at nominal prices.

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