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Vertex Mini Micropipette Length 85cm

These low cost fixed volume Mini Micropipettes are specially designed for use in Diagnostic Kits, Reduced in length to 85 mm  length.

Maximum accuracy, available in two stage Plunger movement ensuring last drop dispensing. Calibration conforming to ISO 8655 standards.

These minipipettes are specially designed for routine Laboratory work.


NON AUTOCLAVABLE/FULL AUTOCLAVABLE (On customers demand can made fully autoclavable micropipette) .

Mini Pipettes are fully autoclavable at 121 c & 15 psi.


Each pipette undergoes a strict quality control at every manufacturing stage & test.


The tip cone of Mini Pipette (3μl, 5μl, 10μl, 20µl) is designed to accept are regular 200µl tips or ultra micro tips upto 20µl and 1000μl TIP size

Use of Ultra micro tips for volumes upto 20μl enhances the accuracy, precision significantly.

Two-step plunger operation facilitates Super Blowout from the tip til last drop dispensing, resulting in high accuracy & precision.

This also allows the Mini Vertex to be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.

As per customer requirement, we make any intermediate Volume like ( 35ul, 40ul, 70ul, 75ul, 135ul or any volume).


Mini Pipette is 85 mm & 130 mm in length is an optimum size suitable for user comfort.

Mini Pipette is hold like a pipette and not like a syringe.

Technical Specification:

Volume CapacityAccuracy % ( ± % )Precision ( CV ≤ % )
2.5 μl2.41.0
3 μl2.41.0
5 μl1.51.0
10 μl0.91.0
15 μl0.91.0
20 μl0.60.5
25 μl0.60.5
30 μ .0.60.5
35 μl0.60.5
40 μl0.60.5
50 μl0.60.3
70 μl0.50.5
75 µl0.50.5
100 μl0.50.3
150 μl0.50.5
200 μl0.50.5
250 μl0.50.5
500 μl0.50.5
1000 μ .0.80.5

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