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VERTEX Bottle Top Dispenser is another genius of its strong R&D base. Responding to the needs of the present generation, RV Instruments is proud to offer its NEW BOTTLE TOP DISPENSERS with Recirculation Valve (anti-drip delivery valve system), its direct liquids with recirculation valves, which prevent the loss of reagents while purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle and facilitate bubble-free dispensing. Vertex Bottle Top Dispenser (BTDRV) comes in two indigenous versions. Regular and premium are a unique combination of affordable pricing and high performance.

We at RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. produce excellent-quality liquid dispensers for multiple applications. Being one of the best Table Top Dispenser Manufacturers in India, we will never fail to supply the world with premium-quality dispensers for laboratory use. We have been working in this domain since 1998 and are utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the right Table Top Dispenser with more advancements.

With the help of our engineers, we have successfully manufactured Table Top Dispenser with recirculation valves. Our team has performed complete R&D to produce a dispenser that provides bubble-free dispensing with ease. It also comes with an anti-drip delivery valve system that helps in recirculating or redirecting the liquid to the mounted bottle. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture high-performance Table Top Dispenser by utilizing the best quality components. We have both premium and regular dispensers with the same mechanism but different efficiencies according to how they are built.

We are an ISO-approved organization with years of experience in creating these devices. We are continuously improvising our products to deliver them to the world with a highly reliable Table Top Dispenser for different uses. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., our focus is to support laboratory experiments, medical research, and applications by providing them with instruments that can be of best use to them. We have highly skilled experts available to assist one in finding the right Table Top Dispenser that is autoclavable.

If required, we are also there to customize these instruments according to the needs of the clients or laboratories. As one of the prominent Table Top Dispenser Manufacturers in India, we have a quality analyst team that helps us test all these devices before we deliver them. Right from the testing of the quality of the material to the quality of dispensing and how effectively the autoclavable is functioning, all these get tested before the packaging of these instruments. Whether they are required in bulk or in small quantities, we supply both. All our fully autoclavable tabletop dispensers are available at budget-friendly prices for all our customers.

Technical Specification:

Volume CapacityAccuracy % ( ± % )Precision ( CV ≤ % )
2.5 μl2.41.0
3 μl2.41.0
5 μl1.51.0
10 μl0.91.0
15 μl0.91.0
20 μl0.60.5
25 μl0.60.5
30 μ .0.60.5
35 μl0.60.5
40 μl0.60.5
50 μl0.60.3
70 μl0.50.5
75 µl0.50.5
100 μl0.50.3
150 μl0.50.5
200 μl0.50.5
250 μl0.50.5
500 μl0.50.5
1000 μ .0.80.5

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