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We at RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prominent Pipette Stand Manufacturers in India. Along with manufacturing a variety of pipettes in India, we are also designing Pipette Stands to hold them carefully. In laboratories, research centers, or medical facilities, a large number of pipettes are required. It is essential to place them safely for easy access and to save them from any damage. Considering these things in mind, we are designing premium-quality Pipette Stands.

We have designed different types of Pipette Stands that are manufactured according to the size and length of the pipettes. Being one of the top Pipette Stand Manufacturers, we have horizontal, vertical, and rotary Pipette Stands available to us. The pipettes supplied by us are designed with great precision to ensure that they can hold pipettes with ease. At RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd., most of the Pipette Stands are manufactured using plastic or polypropylene. Our pipette stands are such that they allow one to select or make use of pipettes with ease. All these pipettes come with proper finishing.

Fully Autoclavable Multichannel 8-Channel/12-Channel

Fully Auto-clavable 8 & 12 Multichannel is the most advanced, high performing laboratory pipette with excellent features.

  • Fully Autoclavable micropipette.
  •  Individually polished stainless steel piston ensure Accuracy.
  • Light weight and ergonomic design for user comfort.
  •  Quick click volume setting, separate tip ejector and clear digital read out.
  •  The manifold rotate 360°. for comfortable pipetting in any direction.
  • Precision designed tip cones provide leak proof top fitting
  •  Easy operation and handling.

Being one of the best-known Pipette Stand Manufacturers in India, we also customize pipette stands to meet the demands of our clients. We are one of the bulk manufacturers of Pipette Stands and are successfully meeting the demands of this product from different parts of India. Our pipette stand can rotate 360 degrees for easy handling. All the pipette stands supplied by us are light in weight but can be placed anywhere with ease.

RV Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the ISO approved Pipette Stand Manufacturers, dealing with a wide variety of liquid dispensing instruments and stands. Considering the use of these pipettes and Pipette Stands in laboratories, we always design them by following all the laboratory protocols and standards. To ensure their reliable performance, we will test them all after the final production. For any kind of pipette stand requirement at the best market prices, our experts are here to assist you.

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