What are Multichannel Pipettes? Understanding their Applications and Benefits.

Multichannel pipettes are a compulsory tool used in scientific and medical laboratories. They make laboratory tasks quick and efficient. Moving forward, this blog will explain what multichannel pipettes are, their various applications, and their benefits. 

What Are Multichannel Pipettes?

Multichannel pipettes are laboratory tools or accurate droppers. They are used to collect liquid samples for measurement. You just need to squeeze a bulb and they discharge specific amounts of liquids. Traditional pipettes contain one sample at a time. Multichannel pipettes can carry multiple samples together. These pipettes have several channels, such as an 8- to 12-tip format. These channels are set in a row and used with multi-well plates for drawing and dispensing liquid. 

There are two types of multichannel pipettes available. A manual or hand-operated pipette and another electric motor operated. Electronic pipettes reduce manual efforts, increase accuracy, and maintain consistency, resulting in high productivity. 

Applications of Multichannel Pipettes

Multichannel pipettes are used in various applications in different industries, including:

Diagnostic Laboratories for 

  • Test blood samples
  • Conduct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assessment (ELISA)
  • Found multiple examinations

Biotech Laboratories

  • Analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein.
  • Important for polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • Sequencing multiple samples, processed back-to-back.

Pharmaceutical Research

Multichannel pipettes enable systematic drug screening and help scientists find potential treatments or cures.

Educational laboratories

Multichannel pipettes are used in various experimental procedures, including cell culture work, microbiological inspections, and biochemical analyses in different educational institutes. 

Food Industry

Food industries use multichannel pipettes to test multiple samples of contaminants, nutrient content, and other quality control parameters. 

Benefits of Multichannel Pipettes

Minimize Manual Involvement

  • Multichannel pipettes reduce physical effort
  • Reduce repetitive activities
  • Save laboratory personnel from strain injuries.

Increased Workflow

Multichannel pipettes allow multiple sample handling at once. They speed up the laboratory workflows. 

Maintain Consistency

Multichannel pipettes reduce human error and contribute to obtaining reliable and repeatable results.

Enhance Accuracy

Multichannel pipettes improve accuracy by reducing the manual steps required to handle multiple samples. Plus, they simplify sensitive experiments with exact measurements.


These pipettes process multiple samples. So they save time and resources in the long run. Plus, they save your laboratory operations costs.

Extremely Functional

Multichannel pipettes can be used with different types of plates and tubes, making them valuable equipment in various laboratory settings. These pipettes are extremely demanding tools in modern laboratories. Due to their versatile features, they offer numerous benefits and enhance the accuracy and consistency of laboratories.

Pipettes’ ergonomic design provides comfort, minimizes hand strain, and eases laboratory tasks. Plus, they are compatible with different tips and adaptable to diverse laboratory settings.

Multichannel pipette suppliers in India

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